The Eldridge and Kathleen Neal Cleaver Family Image Archive
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Inside Exile: Kathleen Neal Cleaver and Her Black Panther Family is a artistic educational project supported by its producers, Ms. Cleaver, University of California, Berkeley, and Progressive Pupil. It aims to broaden awareness among all people in the US and abroad about race and inequality, African American families, and the historical impact of the Black Panther Party. and This project builds on previously published and significant art and scholarship about racial justice activism and the Black Panther party. The producers look forward to community feedback on this project However, language or action that is aggressive, hostile, or discriminatory will not be entertained or tolerated.



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Dr. Leigh Raiford is currently touring campuses in the United States with the multi-media lecture, Framing Diaspora: Kathleen Neal Cleaver's Family Albums of Exile. To book a one hour program featuring this lecture and Q&A with Dr. Raiford at your campus, museum, or historical society, contact